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What is Trifixation?
The Centers of Intelligence

The Enneagram is about how we “are” in our Body, Heart, and Mind — the 3 Centers of Intelligence.

The body is the part of us that deals with the sensory impressions of our environments upon us and vice versa. It’s about boundaries, sovereignty, and aliveness.

The heart is the part of us that deals with the gaze of others upon us, and our gaze upon others and ourselves. It is the seat of our self-image, identity, or sense of “who we really are,” and is where we experience love, worth, and depth -- or their absence.

The mind is the part of us that processes symbolic reality and organizes our concepts and beliefs. It interpolates and extrapolates from the data of our experience to help us understand the world, navigate it, and imagine possibilities.

The 3 centers of intelligence are not abstract ideas. They are distinct dimensions of phenomenological reality, and we tend to be anchored in one more heavily than the others. This imbalance gives rise to the 3 body types, 3 heart types, and 3 mental types.

Body Types, Heart Types, Mental Types

There are 3 Body Types (8, 9, 1), 3 Heart Types (2, 3, 4), and 3 Mind Types (5, 6, 7).

But even if you’re a “body type,” you still have a heart center and a mental center and an orientation in each. For example, you could be a Type 9 (body type), but your Heart type is 3 and your Mental type is 5. So your trifix would be 935, or 953.


The word Trifixation refers to Oscar Ichazo’s idea of having a “fixation” within each center. We like this modular approach to the Enneagram because it helps account for variation within core type. There are many ways to be a 9, for example, and one’s heart fix and mental fix shape how one “does” 9-ness.

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