Conviction of the Heart

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Conviction of the Heart 3 — Kenny Loggins pointing to the difference between a life lived with or without heart. “There’s a whole other life waiting to be lived when one day we’re brave enough to talk with conviction of the heart.” The 3 waking up to his own self-deception: “I ‘m tired of living this life, fooling myself, believing we’re right when I ‘ve never given love with any conviction of the heart.” — also a good expression of how 3s are “revolutionary” types — that when they incorporate the heart, it’s no small change. Almost like a binary switch into emotional honesty. And of course, the rest of the song — what revolutions might we start, what ways of being would we no longer stand for collectively if we lived with conviction of the heart? Some 1 flavor here, but the heart-centricity of it makes for very 3 question.