The Pursuit of Happyness

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Inspired by a True Story


Will smith, a 3

Plays Chris Gardner, a 3

  • Utter belief in himself, in the style of a 3 — "I can do it"
  • "Don't let anyone, ever, tell you you can't do something. Not even me."
  • The interview with his painted shirt and pants — charming like a 3. And, truth telling, but making it work, "turning it on"
  • "Turning it on" as a salesman
  • Calculating efficiencies — not hanging up the phone, not drinking water so he doesn't have to pee
  • The scene where he gets into the car to go to the baseball game... great example of a 3 making stuff up, white lying to project an image: "I was just in the neighborhood visiting a friend" — the son notices and doesn't like it, but puts up with it. "Why don't you put that thing in your car?" — son: "we don't have a car" — Chris fakes being stung by a bee to make sure that doesn't register
  • "Do whatever it takes" mentality. Scrappy, and keeping up the image. Suit and tie even though he's homeless.
  • Heart — trying to be a good dad to his son
  • the scene where he gets offered the job... amazing. the understated celebration, the tears, then the pouring out onto the street and the hands clapping above his head. Glory hallelujah I did it. "Was it as easy as it looked?" — "no, no it wasn't"
  • Feigning cheerful willingness with getting the coffee, etc, being the shining intern

"Excuse me I've just seen an old friend" to chase the homeless (time machine) guy — doesn't let the people at the stock broker's office know what the gadget is that he's selling. At one point pretends it's a suitcase