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Jun 8, 2022 2:27 AM
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Dr. Don Shirley, a 1

  • classical pianist — refinement, chopin, etc... plays the "right" kind of music and feels he has to stoop to play the popular kind that he plays for audiences (1→4); hasn't listened to the pop music on the radio
  • dignified, upright, demeanor of a 1 (also highly adapted to white upper class society as a black man) — perfect diction, tuxedoes, etc
  • first encounter with tony in the car — asking to put out the cigarettes, hands at 10 and 2 please, etc — lots of little nitpicks. Tony's not driving "right" — he's unrefined.
  • Tries to correct Tony's speech and diction. "diction as in the only way the word is ever used"
  • doesn't want to eat the chicken... a competence type: "what do we do with the bones?"
  • courage to choose to do the deep south tour
  • won't use the outhouse
  • won't let tony pollute (allows the chicken bones, but not the cup)
  • won't play unless he is allowed to eat in the restaurant
  • "genius isn't enough — it takes courage to change hearts"

Tony Lip, an 8

  • fist fights
  • cool under pressure
  • "I know who I am" — rock solid sense of identity, unrefined and not at all trying to prove himself. CERTAINLY not an image type.
  • Does what he needs to to stay independent, to take care of his wife and kids; takes jobs he knows he can do; reputation for "handling trouble" — bouncer, driver, other odd jobs, physical forward,
  • "I ain't nobody's butler
  • pride in bullshitting because he doesn't lie — and the "if you want me it's a buck twenty-five per week
  • "Don't go anywhere without me" — the protector, defender
  • "What do you want me to piss myself?"
  • the audacity to say "i'm blacker than you" — realness type