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Jun 8, 2022 2:27 AM
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8w7, strong 7 wing. Defiant, emotional realness type, with explosive anger. Struggles to master air-bending, the lightest element, her personality is too forceful, too “strong.”

Brash. “I’ve never backed away from anything.” Publicly challenges Amman to that duel “tonight.”

the way she stands up again the wolf bats when she’s on the date with bolin. “you’re not protecting your brother. you’re jealous.” “admit it. you like me.” - the directness of 8

Korra excels in the physical realm of bending but struggles with meditation and the spiritual aspect of being an avatar. she resists meditation and training that requires her to slow down. the moment she finally meditates, accesses her inner visions, and connects to her spiritual past lives is when she is literally contained against her will inside a metal prison box she cannot escape from, so she has no other option but to sit.