Finding Vivian Meyer

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Jun 8, 2022 2:27 AM
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The tape of her talking: "there were idiots who tried to hit on me" etc

The radical hoarding (avarice) and utter isolation

The sly, somewhat humorous, somewhat tragic, very real style of photography — "I'm basically a spy"

Nanny so that she didn't have to worry about procuring her own basic needs

The way she abused some of her kids... rather alarming... dispassionate, "this is the way the world is" — dark, seedy.

Taking kids to the worst parts of town — a kind of "wake up" provocative sensibility... or at the very least an unsentimental

Subjects of her photography — dismembered mannequins, moments of horror or crying

The understated desperation of her final days... did she commit suicide?

the newspapers — and the descent into madness — thinking that others were spying on her, stealing her newspapers, wanting her things, etc

Terror of men, who are "always out for something" and can't be trusted, or whatever she says. basically the world is mad, chaotic, unsafe...

the whole photographer way of being — observer, non-participant