Schitt's Creek

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Jun 8, 2022 2:27 AM
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Moira Rose - 3w4, SP/SX/SO (the aristocrat)... or 4w3, but I think 3 first — super image type. image conscious, "quality" conscious, people must love me, rehearsing all the time. good example of social blind. I am valuable because I am adored by my fans, because I have nice things (clothes, wigs), because I was (am) in demand, because I'm talented— see SE4 EP2 the show she puts on with david, and the sliding to average 6 because she can't choose what song to sing that will put her in the best light; Or, see SE4 EP5, the one where she "dies" and has to correct the record, and she dresses for the 1 reporter who comes to get the story. So many other good examples, but this one's great.

Alexis Rose, 7 — stories of her galavanting with men, partying a lot, having lots of fun adventures and rather fearless, no regard for the consequences or cleaning up her mess, a bit "me me me" (all the Rose's are, except for John); after her breakup with Ted, quick (manic) bounceback; er character arc is learning to compromise in relationship, become “responsible” as she grows her own business;

David Rose, 4 — "taste" aesthetics, being himself with his clothing choices, his business thing (self-pres 4w3, the aristocrat)... but I think he (the actor) is a 6 and plays this 4 character like a 6 would... a little jumpy, flitty, revving under the hood with a "thinking of everything that could go wrong" 6 brain. But examples of 4-ness abound. Profound image consciousness, doesn't want to be seen as having no friends (end of first season). Easily duped by the teenagers who steal from him shop bc they compliment his clothing (not like a suspicious 6). The shop itself only sells what David approves based on very personal taste. Aversion to working too hard. "Ew" — as a lifestyle and philosophy. A bit peter pan, and then his coming of age, he opens a store, becomes disciplined and adult (like a 1)

John — SP/SO 3 — trying to respectable, have a business... an entrepreneur who, along with his 3 wife, was too absorbed in his business to develop meaningful relationships with his children. When he moves to Schitt’s creek, he tries to rebuild himself through the motel business. disintegrates to 3 image conscious.... although this character portrait is a little flat for me.

Btw, Roland — a 2.. But a caricature, leans too farcical to be a real Enneagram character portrait

Jocelyn, a 9

Stevie, a 9