Emoji of a Wave

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Jun 8, 2022 2:27 AM
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Emoji of a Wave (9) — “Oh honey, I’ve been talking to myself / Just to hear you / And you’re saying / all the things I wish you would / and it’s so good” — beautifully captures the style of self-comforting rumination that 9s engage in. The heartbreak of not being near you is too much to bear, to much to “be with,” so I go inside and think of you talking to me and it kinda cheers me up a bit. But the nostalgic quality of this song, the many minor chords and out of key harmonies capture the “not quite rosy inner sanctum” of 9s… it’s comforting and lovely, but really quite sad and haunting, and “it breaks my heart.” Also the positive outlook of the 9 here: “It takes all the love I have to say, I know we’re gonna be okay”; and minimizing the feeling, “It’s just a wave.”