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Jun 8, 2022 2:27 AM
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Take me Anywhere you want to go You know that my love is strong In my hideaway

Softly Like the calm that follows storm Find what I've been searching for, all along In my hideaway

Even when I close my eyes Darling, I will always stay Wide awake In my hideaway

Touch me Like I've never loved before In a place that I adore In my hideaway

I know Whichever way the wind may blow There will be a place for me to go In my hideaway

Whether you be lost of found Darling, if you've gone astray I'm on my way To my hideaway My hideaway

Down going down Down falling down Down goin' down Follow down

When the rain falls Falling down to the sea Flow that river To the depth of me

Let me Feel the sky and feel the moon Let me sing an honest tune To my hideaway

Trusting Wherever I go wandering I’ll find a home in everything In my hideaway

Maybe you can come to stay And I will meet you here someday Far away In my hideaway