Miles Morales / Spider-Man

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Jun 8, 2022 2:27 AM
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Miles’s 9-ness

  • listening to music and drawing at beginning of film — his escape / what calms him down
  • just moved from neighborhood school to a better school, where they are reading “great expectations.” a main theme is Miles feeling burdened by the weight of expectations on him, wanting to rise into himself, but not knowing how — attachment type stuff
  • miles’ unique spiderman superpower is turning invisible — couldn’t be a more 9-ish power

Miles goes to 6 in stress — anxious, second-guessing, not trusting his abilities. He arises into himself 9 → 3 over the course of the movie.

Generally speaking, spider-man is usually a 9 story. A dorky, smart, “invisible” kid at school arises into his power.