Lady Bird

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Jun 8, 2022 2:27 AM
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A very 4-ish movie. 4-ish aesthetic

  • brother and his girlfriend, with the piercings, "different" — working at grocery store, etc (felt a little strange, his decision to clean up and go for the same job as his dad)
  • "real" dialogue

Ladybird, a type 4w3 fictional character

  • chooses her own name
  • "frustrated," pushing away from superficiality in many aspects — wardrobe, pink hair, the people she dates... but also status conscious, social climb-y with the other girl; comes to realize that Julie is more her friend...
  • the final call, leaving a message for her mom — "the first time I drove in sacramento was emotional. was it for you?"
  • wanting the

Kyle, played by Timothy Chalamet, probably 4w5

The Mom, likely an average 1. Hypercritical, sees fault in lots of things — even Ladybird's walk across the stage for her graduation; doesn't want to be judged for her writing in those letters to ladybird. couldn't get the letter out