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Jun 8, 2022 2:27 AM
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The obvious stands out here. RBG's life was dedicated to breaking barriers for women by both personal example and by creating, with painstaking endurance, a legal foundation for gender equality in both her work as a lawyer in the 70s and as a Justice on the Supreme Court.

There is the argument that she could be a 6. .. but no. Some points of 1-ishness:

  • In her first role as judge — to pronounce before deliberating with the other jujdges that the case was clear and here's the ruling (ha!) — this is 1-ish. Or to the extent that it would be 6-ish, it would be counterphobic and brash, and RBG was neither.
  • Her insistence on being "a lady," as her mother taught, not succumbing to anger, and maintaining her dignity — 1
  • Her non small-talk thing — not engaging like a 6, but reserved like a 1w9
  • "I dissent" — hell yeah you do. Her willingness, time and time again, to stand up to power, to "call out" power for the ways in which it reinforces inequality. Very 1-ish
  • Fascinating that she is such good friends with Scalia
  • The need to be pulled away from work is both 6 and 1 ish... so not a strong piece of evidence... but she worked her ass off that's for sure. quite amazing how she helped Marty through cancer and law school, and raised her child, and did her own law school work, AND was in the top 2-3% of her class to make the law review.. amazing.
  • Her reserve makes me think that she is a competence type, not a reactive type

I wonder — I don't get the "simmering" thing that most 1s have... Although so much of the footage of her is in her old age, after 60 and really mostly in her 80s, when she's slowed down a bit. And I wonder what effect Marty (a 2?) had on her mood