Ruth Younger

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Jun 8, 2022 2:27 AM
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Ruth, a 6, a quiet yet emotionally strong mother and pregnant woman. Persevering, downtrodden, responsible — gets up and makes breakfast for Walter and travis, keeps things going, "the trouper," operating under stress and letting it show, but doing it anyway. Ironing and tending to the chores, even as she's exhausted, on the verge of fainting. Ruth's dream is to get away from this miserable and cramped little apartment infested with cockroaches. She is not at all pushy about her dream and doesn't ask Mama about it at all, in fact recommends that Mama splurge on a trip for herself (like a responsible, "I'm thinking about you not me" 6 — and btw not leaning in like a 2, more neutral and resigned to her fate like a 6). When Mama buys the house, she is ecstatic.

There is an argument that Ruth is a quiet 9, but she is too alert and watchful to be so. She feels like a 6.