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Jun 8, 2022 2:27 AM
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the first scene. the awakening, the memo.

"everybody loves you"

"who said anything about loser?" — his at-the-time-fiance, it hits him pretty hard

drunk at renee's house first time.. "we're gonna be fine. you're with me. we're going straight to the top." the whole movie is basically a clawing attempt not to be a failure

the whole salesman-y vibe of the agents office. very 3-ish

the bachelor party tape... "problem with intimacy" "he can't be alone"

the desperation in "will you marry me?" and the falseness and heartlessness of the whole thing, their relationship. The moment of realness, "why do you love me?" interrupted willingly by the kid

The performance, "I'm here to help you. what can I do for you?" (3w2) —

"Help me help you" — and the almost crack in the bathroom. exasperation. then back to the strategy that's worked

The first glimpse of realness, when he tells Rod that he doesn't play football with heart (powerful, first true honesty we see of him)

Even in the "I'm here for my wife" speech he brings up work! (ha! "we live in a competitive world," etc)

What type is Renee Zellweger's character? I'm guessing 6?

  • accountant (not a diagnosis in itself, but you know, stable job, 6-style analysis, etc
  • big theme of responsibility... and the emotional realness thing. she's the one who brings it up, that the marriage isn't working. she's drawn to his heart, his expression of truth in the memo, and keeps coming back to that.

Sister - 1 or 6... probably 1. deeply caring, admonishing, wanting the best, can be cutting . "If you fuck this up I'll kill you"