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Jun 8, 2022 2:27 AM
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Mako is a kind of blank character, similar to Asami (although Asami is even blanker, to the point that I chose not to include her in the library). The writers got pretty lazy on these two, I feel. But Mako is probably a Self-Pres 3. Grew up on the streets with brother Bolin, became excellent professional bending fighter, with the assertiveness, precision, and competence of a 3. And the coldness and focus of 3 too, like the way he dismisses Korra when they first meet. He also has the desire not to offend, and gets discombobulated after he breaks up with Korra, kisses Asami, then lies to Korra after their breakup (#nota1). He tries to find himself on the force. His inner life is barely revealed, except in a very unnecessary expositional episode in season 4 where he recounts his personal journey. His character arc is thin and unsatisfying, but if we’re gonna type him at all, it’s gotta be 3.